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NYTimes article about Brave New World Repertory Theatre's Street Scene Directed by Claire Beckman

L Magazine Review of Street Scene

"..unscriptable energy, something spontaneous and real, blurring the lines of where the fiction begins and thus deepening the emotional impact.."

Review of my piece in
 Hybrid Theatre Works'

Oil Spill
(see full review)
"The first performance, by Alex [Celeste] Muniz, sets the calibration: a wordless search for clean water stashed in bottles and balloons around the roof, it makes up for any triteness of message with a strength of feeling and body language that makes it an emotive reaction to that environmental dread we’ve all been feeling, and confirming, since Dr. Seuss. Muniz also sets the precedent for interactions with our more immediate environment, this typical 1920s-standard Bushwick apartment roof with its strange angles and surfaces, which are used opportunistically by most of the performers in one way or another. " - Paul Cox


Me performing original piece "Loving Bread" at Hybrid Theatre Works August Artist Response in Brooklyn, NY

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